Ms. Marvel Covers #1-6
#1 by Sara Pichelli | #2-6 by Jamie McKelvie

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Cool Cats: Nina Simone


Cool Cats: Nina Simone

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Reasons Bucky might drink alone:
Watsonian: he’s been tortured in prison and probably doesn’t enjoy company yet.
Doylian: his recruitment merits a much more intimate setting that Dugan and co

Reasons Bucky has Steve in his sights
Watsonian: starting by viewing the person you’re supposed to cover when you’re covering them is good sniping practise
Doylian: it’s a common trope called stab the scorpion. It’s just to cause momentary false danger

Actual negative feelings Bucky might have actually had

- a sense of loss at having Steve not need him anymore

Nothing as extreme as being tempted to kill his lifelong friend




Man, I do not get the idea that Bucky is never resentful of/angry at/[insert negative emotion here] towards Steve. Like.

1. That’s not what is shown onscreen in Captain America: TFA.

2. That is so much less interesting.



Just no.

Anonymous asked: What do you think about the idea of not having Sharon be Peggy's niece for the movies?



I’d say that idea would avoid a lot of trouble and is possibly a good idea.

Why would that be a good idea? I’d say it’d be pretty terrible, actually, seeing as they’ve hinted at it. And plus, it’s canon in the comics, and while the movies are strictly comic base, they’re not going to take something THAT FREAKING IMPORTANT out. 

Look- I get it. You don’t like Sharon because she gets in the way of your ships. You don’t see her as the badass agent who Cap eventually falls in love with (again- comics.) You don’t see her as the woman who stood up for a possible intern not knowing JUST HOW MANY HYDRA AGENTS WERE IN THE ROOM. In the two minutes we see this woman, we see her being a complete boss at everything.

Keep your blatant hate out of the tag (This isn’t the only post I’ve seen from you). It’s for people who have graphics, or fanfics, or actually pleasant posts about the character.

Do you go to a fold music concert and complain about how terrible it is? No; if you did then you’re that asshole. Don’t be that guy who tags their hate or random negative comments.  [x] [x] [x] [x

I don’t know if you just really love the character, and hate the way the MCU is handling her, which is understandable. I’m the same way about Maria Hill. However, you won’t see me tagging my disgruntled thoughts about it.

Yes, I do love the character and yes I was disappointed with how she is handled.

My criticism is directed at the script writers, never at Sharon, so no it wasn’t character hate and I am within my right to critique an aspect of a movie that I otherwise enjoyed.

Unpopular opinion

Actually this is probably a popular one, though for reasons different than my own.

I wish they hadn’t “introduced” Sharon in CATWS at all.